MovieStarPlanet Beauty Clinic – new face elements

Well yes! We were greeted with brand new facial features – just as I suspected it would be … I wrote about it in yesterday’s note. Evaluation of the theme so will appear tomorrow.

And now let’s go to update the beauty clinic – what changes have occurred? In total, we already see a bit in the image created by the game crew and added to the “MSP Hack“. But I would like to evaluate every new element added for girls – boys somehow more difficult to judge me, and their additions are quite similar to the ones that got girls.

So I invite you to read!


Girls – changes in the beauty clinic


The first added eyes – in the basic version are blue, they cost you 250 gold coins. Sincerely? I think they are not terrible – for a new player (or rather a player), which in the beginning does not require too much (know what I mean?) Will be most ok. In my opinion they look a bit unnatural, a bit like a barbie doll, but without make-up.


As I wrote – not bad, but I would not buy them, because in the beauty clinic there are several better types of eyes.And yes, those eyes were in the picture announcing today’s theme (which I wrote yesterday)!

And another, already the last eyes – similar to the previous ones, but they are much larger. They associate me with anime – but is it a good association? I do not like – they look fantastic on our MovieStar, they are so unnatural. They do not add much to the movie … They are superfluous. I doubt anyone will buy them, although they cost only 300 gold coins and are for every user.

 Eye shadows / other color enhancers

Blurry black shadow under eyes – I think it’s a great addition! Maybe it’s just a styling or a look that will be needed in a movie (for example – in a horror movie!) Or a second. What more to add here? I am glad that the crew of MovieStarPlanet thought of this and decided to create such an addition. It costs only 200 sc!

I just managed to grab the moment when MovieStar started to blink. Eye shadow costing 250 gold coins – in the basic version has a pinkish-brown color. It looks great in all kinds of eyes. I think I will someday get used to it – even if I show you some makeup on a blog for some occasion, such as summer!

Another add-on – something like a two-tone shade on the cheeks. It looks pretty good. All in all it solves one problem – buying roses on the cheeks in the store and every time looking for them in the dressing room and adding them to the styling.
Really, good idea! It costs only 200 sc.

The last color additive – completely did not fall into my liking. I associate with a barbie doll – roses, diamonds … Well, tragedy. I certainly will not buy it – because of the appearance, and also the addition is only for people with a gold VIP badge. Roses with diamonds cost 300 sc.


The first nose today added – VIP, which costs a total of 300 coins. The nose is big, the ear is the same … It looks weird. The game crew had a good idea, but came out not very well. Well, it’s hard. I will not buy it!


To these noses I decided to give one description because of their huge similarity. The first nose is ordinary, quite slim, quite good looks on the face of our doll. The second nose is the same, but still has a silver earring. Because it is also more expensive at 100 sc – it costs 350 gold coins.


Well and mouth! Here I also decided to add only one description – two types of lips are very similar to each other. They are a bit “botox”, they remind me of Kylie Jenner’s lips and probably other players too. They do not look so bad, but they must be in the right, nice color. I bought the first version of the mouth on an extra account – Mondyeee, so you can see. The vip version is more suited to me, I prefer that the lips are in one color and not so shining.


Last mouth, quite expensive – they cost 500 coins. It seems to me that the game crew tried to do comic lips, but they did not work out – at least according to me. They look strange. I would rather not buy them. But it’s always some kind of beauty clinic!

And what do you think about new facial features in the beauty clinic? Do you like it?
There were no skin tones in the beauty clinic – would you like it to be different? Speak in the comments!

I wish you a nice day!

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