Free 12 Months Xbox Live Gold Membership Online Code

If you are wondering how to get Free Xbox Gold membership codes, then you have arrived at the right website. I like to think of this site as the official Xbox Live code website, that provides you with the latest and greatest ways that everyday people use, that are legal, of course, to get their Free Xbox Live membership.

First off, the starting assumptions should be broken down first. The first general assumption is that this method will most likely get your account stolen or banned. Doing this method, you register for an account on a free rewards website and simply do surveys on the website until you get enough credit to request your Free 12 Month Xbox Live code.

Method for 12 Months Gold Subscription

So, this method does not require or even ask you for any of your official Xbox Live account information, or even anything close to it. Besides that, Microsoft will not ban your account because this is a legal means of getting the code.

This helps Microsoft make money because the rewards website purchases the code with revenue generated by you doing surveys, so you are getting it for “free.” Free as in, you do not have to pay, although you certainly helped pay for the code by doing surveys which advertisers pay the rewards website to sponsor.

So Microsoft would probably rather promote Xbox Live rather than destroy it. Some of you may remember the Tropicana method of getting Free Xbox Live, with which you would mass submit your email address, and you would continuously be sent a Free 2-Day Xbox Live trial code.

However, that was losing Microsoft money because these codes were generated and people began using that in place of actual membership cards that are sold. So Microsoft shut down that website and sued them for the revenue that they believed that they lost. But since the method that is being used today, where you are doing surveys to get the codes, pays the code before giving it out, it makes Microsoft money.

With all of the technical details out of the way, the actual method, as I said once before, requires you to sign up to the rewards website. This site will have a bunch of surveys listed there that will give you points for every survey that is completed.

When you get enough points, you can go to the rewards website to request an item, such as a Free Xbox Live membership code or a 1600 Microsoft Points code. Then you will receive the code within one to three days via email, and you can only repeat this method when you need more.

This is How a Fake Xbox Live Code Generator Works

I should place a warning to you, that although this method is real, other methods will try to steal your account information. One such method is the Free Xbox Live code generator.

These are poorly programmed applications that ask you for your account information and then have a fake progress bar that goes from 0 to 100% and claims to have granted you your Free 3 Month Xbox Live code.

However, what just happened is that your account information has been sent in a nicely conducted email to the creator of said application and your account is going to be stolen in a matter of hours. That’s why the survey method of getting Free Xbox Live membership is the best one by far, so enjoy your Xbox Live trial codes!

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