Clash Royale : Which cards to choose and give to your opponent

The Challenge Card Games in Clash Royale, as many players already know, is very particular and different from the classic battle. The rules are different, and you can not use your personalized bunch of free Gold and Gems.
You will be forced to choose four cards out of 8 that the system will make available to you, and the cards that you lose will be assigned to the opponent and vice versa to you.

So before the challenge begins, it is very important to be aware that depending on the choice of cards with which you will create your bunch you will be faced with your destiny in the battle against your opponent.

To help you in the strategies to take, this guide will show you some tricks and tips to use to overcome the “Tabletop” challenge.

Strategies, Tricks, and Counseling for “Table Cards” Challenge

Below you will find some of the best strategies proposed by Supercellfan to have the right approach to this type of challenge.

The main strategy is to put the enemy in trouble right away when choosing the cards. So when you have to choose your bunch deceased the heaviest cards, so you can slow the opponent’s deck, or discard the cards that are incompatible with each other (an example might be giving the enemy such as Rocket, Lightning and Fireball, Or Infernal Tower, Tesla, and Cannon).

Not always choosing a legendary card can be effective, so consider whether it is essential or not to use it.

Try to choose elements to create a battle combo (e.g., Dominator and Barrel Goblin) or defend you from many types of troops (e.g., Boia, Sorcerer, Dragon).

Remember that in battle you are already aware of 4 cards of the opponent’s deck. Do not be in a hurry to deploy all your troops, and before you start the real challenge try to find out what your enemy hides in his hands.

Are there worse and worse cards to use in this challenge?

If you are putting this question, then the answer is yes. Some cards are much more effective than others than in a normal battle are useful.

By doing an example, the cards you do not run away are:

  • Tamer.
  • Giant Royale.
  • Trunk.
  • A defensive structure.
  • Musketeer.
  • MegaSgherro.
  • Selected Barbarians.
  • Miner.
  • Barrel Goblin.

Cards you can easily discard are:

  • Goblin Units and Goblin Lancerers.
  • Cards that are too heavy to slow you down.
  • The download will not be as effective as in battle.
  • Golem or Pekka are a gambling bet. Only select them if you are sure they can support it.

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