A good Mario but, what does Wii U need?

Undoubtedly one of the biggest surprises of Nintendo Direct Nintendo has been this Super Mario World. Heir to mechanics and appearance to Super Mario 3D Land, this title has a more focused facet Multiplayer, which makes it a transcript that mixes the last two “subsagas plumber”, New Super Mario Bros., and 3D.
Contrary to what happened with its predecessor, the 3D here does not make any reference to the perspective with which the game is enjoyed. The only 3D we will see are the ones that are made of polygons. And this can be a problem.
The particular scenarios of this type of Mario marry much better with 3D and more than once, and more than two, we will be surprised without finding a jump because of this lack of depth. Too accustomed to playing it on the laptop or is it that we have a design flaw?
Have we adapted to the 3D in such a way that we calculate better the jumps with them and we feel something lost when they take them away to us?
There were four playable levels in the E3 demo. Four levels very different from each other and that serve to show the benefits of this title. The first two focus on normal levels of jumping, to get accustomed. The graphics are an improved version of your 3DS counterpart.
More objects on the screen, the four players running around and doing the crazy and many more visual effects that can affect translucency of transparent tubes through which the player gets to reach new areas. Everything very round and smooth, but it does not have much less that point of spectacular that everyone was waiting for the first 3D Mario of Wii U.
One of the first things that are done is in the new costume of this Super Mario 3D World: the cat. The colors are very reminiscent of the raccoon, although the powers have nothing to do.
Each character will have their costume and their color customized, especially to highlight the Peach Rose: “Neko monasima”. In the form of a cat you can run faster, attack enemies with claws, make a super attack in the middle of a jump and climb the walls … and the end-of-phase pennant: a guarantee to get a good score.

Gameplay And Controls

These first two levels serve to gain control whether we use the Wiimote or Wii U GamePad. In this second case it is necessary to take into account that the Off-TV is constant and that, also, it can interact with the screen to stop enemies, to shake objects in search of currencies and to discover hidden interrogation blocks.
The remaining two levels were slightly different and did show a somewhat more elaborate gameplay, especially the level of the dinosaur. And is that the multiplayer slope here takes its full meaning. Four players on the back of a dinosaur and coordinating to reach the goal.
The animal goes to fixed shooting, does not stop for anything, and it is the players who will have to accelerate their march, stop it and change direction. Of course, they will have to do it all at once so that it goes well, or else the action will be done at speed and with a much lower intensity.
Going down for a fast we have to take punctuation rings, turbocharges to take a run, jump over enemies and discover the green stars hidden in levels. This nod to Super Mario Galaxy 2 promises to be the element of exploration that needed the first Super Mario 3D Land and the one that promises to extend the life of the title.
In our reptilian descent, we could see two, although we could not catch any. It will take more than a little coordination to unite efforts and the whole group to take the correct actions to achieve them.
The last level corresponded to that of the final enemy. A creature of several heads that rose from the earth. Players had to jump from one to another, being careful not to be bitten, and crush the correct one. After each blow, the enemy stirred and made rocks fall from the sky, to crush us.

Final Words:

The fight to several players is frankly chaotic, and we repeat that the prospect is lost a lot and, in addition to the chaos of having everyone running around, it will be very normal to lose more than one jump.
Of course, at the end of each level will be shown a score to see which of the players has contributed more to pass the level. It should be noted that multiplayer is optional, not mandatory, that the game can be played by a person perfectly, but it is clear that the slope in which is most enjoyed is this.
Undoubtedly this is a fun Mario, who brings great ideas and

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